Mike's TV and FM DX

May 2017 DX Loggings

The E skip season of 2017officially began here in CT on May 28, 2017 (a Sunday) afternoon. For an hour or so before the MUF hit the FM band, the video carrier of ch3 (61.250) Coro, Venezuela was seen on the spectrum of my RSP wandering up and down the spectrum, creating the audio of a "siren". Unfortunately this carrier never was stronger than -85dBm, so no video was seen on my Toshiba TV. However, it's a start.

The video from Coro ch3 was also noticed on May20th. It was stronger, but still no video was noticed.

There was a very short (weak) opening on the 31st which netted two logs.

New stations are in bold print. All relogs after checking.

EDT FRE       CALL           CITY                        S/P PI OTHER                                           
1650 92.1 WZEW Fairhope AL 972a RT=the Sound of Mobile
1727 94.5 WHOD Jackson AL 6893  
1733 94.9 WGUO Reserve LA   Gumbo 94.9...no RDS
1742 95.3 KQKI Bayou Vista LA 3b4c PS=KQKI-FM, country
1800 89.1 WBSN New Orleans LA 592d  
1806 94.5 KSMB Lafayette LA a4c1 PS=945KSMB
1809 90.9 KIKL Lafayette LA 262f  
1814 93.3 WQUE New Orleans LA   Q93, no RDS
1817 99.5 WRNO New Orleans LA   Sean Hannity Show
1818 97.1 WEZB New Orleans LA   b97.com
1840 88.7 KRVS Lafayette LA 3f18  
1100 92.1 KDQN DeQueen AR   ID and news
1112 88.1 WUWF Pensacola FL 8bb9  

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