Mike's TV and FM DX

August 2017 DX Loggings

After no skip at all during the first half of August, skip arrived on the 14th and the 15th. I missed much of the event on the 14th but thanks to an alert, I managed to snag a few on the 15th. When you arrive at the middle of August you realized that for all intents and purposes, the skip season is over. These openings were a bonus.

New loggings are in bold print. Total now is 3003 logged from this location since 1974.



Time Freq Calls City S/P PI PS/RT/Others
1852 91.1 WKNO Memphis TN 7070 RT=WKNO NPR FOR THE MID SOUTH
1855 94.9 KHKN Maumelle AR   Big 94.9
1905 94.5 KSMB Lafayette LA a4c1  
0943 95.1 KTKS Versailles MO 4342 Country, KS95
0946 94.9 WKSJ Mobile AL 17ED Country
0945 94.3 KATI California MO 11f6 Country RT=KAT COUNTRY
0952 94.1 WLFP Germantown TN 7245 Country
0954 92.9 WJXA Nashville TN 6ec2 Soft Rock
0957 92.1 KMFC Centralia MO A334 Adult Hits PS=K-LOVE RT=T&A K-LOVE
1003 90.9 KTBG Warrensburg MO 424C Public
1003 89.1 KMUW Wichita KS 31ce News
1043 92.1 WKXY Merigold MS   Kix 92.1 the Delta's Best Country
1055 94.5 KJIW Helena AR 28aa Religious Music
1120 93.9 KSSZ Fayette MO 4175 Talk, PS=Hot Talk__Eagle
1124 93.3 KIGL Seligman MO   The Eagle, classic rock
1126 92.9 KMXN Osage City KS 3213 Country
1131 94.9 WKOR Corinth MS   Nash 94.9
1135 97.1 WOKK Meridian MS 7aae Country
1140 98.3 WDFX Cleveland MS   Urban Family Talk