Mike's TV and FM DX

E Skip Loggings December 26, 2015

Winter E-skip December 2015.

Winter E skip finally came back to New England after being away for a few years. This opening happened on December 26th and went to the top of the FM band from around 10:30am to 12:30pm. The reception of WHBF Ch4 in IL lasted off and on for two hours. Decodes only lasted a few seconds at a time, but there were many decodes. I also saw traces of Es on ch3 and ch5 but those were weak. The WHBF photo was taken around 11:30am.

FM Loggings:
1040 WFPS   92.1 Freeport, IL, Kickin' Country
1040 WIAI   93.9 Mason City, IA with Mason City Cadillac adv.
1050 WOLX   94.9 Baraboo, WI mentioning Madison
1050 KRXL   94.5 Kirksville, MO, calls, weather and Cape Air adv.
1055 WQLZ   97.7 Petersburg, IL with callsign
1056 WMAX-FM96.1 Holland, MI ESPN radio
1056 KQYB   98.3 Springrove, MN  RDS 3cb1, country music
1056 WJJO   94.1 Watertown, WI, RDS 6d64 rock..Megadeth...
1057 WPKR   99.5 Omro, WI, NASH FM
1057 KOKX   95.3 Kiakuck, IA, calls
1059 KCVM   93.5 Evansdale, IA, the Mix, callsign
1059 WLKG
   96.1 Lake Geneva, WI, calls and Lake Geneva mentioned
1114 WIIL   95.1 Union Grove, WI RDS 6aa3, 95 Will Rock
1114 WZOK   97.5 Rockford, IL, RDS 9822, Radiotext: Today's Best Music 97ZOK
1114 WXMX   98.1 Millington, TN, 98-1 the Max
1114 WXXQ   98.5 Freeport, IL Q98.5 is everywhere

1114 WUSN   99.5 Chicago, IL RDS 8b59, Cabellas Adv.
1114 WDRV   97.1 Chicago, IL The Drive
1115 WXXQ   98.5 Freeport, IL Q98.5, RDS with 93ca PI code
1115 WVIX   93.5 LaMont, IL, Spanish and Chicago mentioned
1115 KCOB   95.9 Newton, IA callsign and weather
1115 KHAK   98.1 Cedar Rapids, IA. calls and country music
1117 KWQW   98.3 Boone, IA, the Vibe, classic hip-hop, RDS with 4bce PI code
1117 KKEZ   94.5 Ft. Dodge, IA RDS 2ae9, Mix 94.5 the Best Variety
1117 KIOA   93.3 Des Moines, IA, RDS 268c, Iowa's Greatest Hits 93.3 KIOA
1117 KIAQ   96.9 Clarion, IA RDS 2530, K97 Country
1118 KOEL   98.5 Cedar Falls, IA, calls, country
1118 KCRR   97.7 Grundy Center, IA, calls, classic rock
1118 KMXG   96.1 Clinton, IA, RDS 320c, Mix 96.1
1120 WRNA   94.1 Iowa City, IA, rock, RDS with PI of 3e36 and "Iowa's alternative"

1130 WDDW  104.7 Sturtvant, WI, Spanish, "LaGrande", mostly men talking
1226 KGGO   94.9 Des Moines, IA, callsign and classic rock
1128 WFMT   98.7 Chicago, IL, classical music program Introducations, RDS with PI of 6327
1133 KLMJ  104.9 Hampton, IA, calls

My receiver: SDRplay RSP with an APS13 yagi on the roof. RG6 coax. My total log stands at 2834 stations.