Yes, Ozzy, you can see DTV stations by E skip in the summer. Currently I'm at eleven stations logged. Locations range from Roanoke, VA to North Platte, Nebraska. My longest is North Platte at 1,457 miles while my shortest in Roanoke is just 512 miles. I've got photos or photos of all of them.

All stations seen in 2009 were seen on an Insignia NS-DXA1 converter box with a Winegard PR-5040 fringe yagi up at about 30 feet agl. No amp was used for VHF. Stations seen in 2008 were also seen with the Winegard PR-5040 and Insignia box.


KHAS-3 Hastings, NE 07-2009

KNOP-2 072909 N.Platte, NE

KSNB-4 072909 Superior,NE

WCFT-4 07-2009 Tuscaloosa,AL

WBRA-3 070609 Roanoke,VA

WCES-2 070808 Wrens,GA

WHBF-4 062609 Rock Island,IL

WMC-5 062809 Memphis,TN

WTVF-5 062809 Nashville,TN

KDLO-3 070410 Florence,SD

WOI-5 062609 Ames,IA