Photographs of lowband DTV DX from Connecticut


Notice that we have four rows of photos. The top row, from left to right, shows KNOP-2 North Platte, NE (072909), KDLO-3 Florence, SD (070410) and WBRA-3 Roanoke, VA (070609). The second row (L to R) shows KSNB-4 Superior, NE (072909),  WHBF-4 Rock Island, IL (062609) followed by WTVF-5 Nashville, TN (062809). The third row down shows (L-R) WOI-5 Ames, IA (062609), then WMC-5 Memphis, TN (062809) and WTVF-5 Nashville, TN (062809).  The bottom row shows (L-R) KHAS-5 Hastings, NE (July 2009), WCES-2 Wrens, GA (070808) and on the right, WCFT-5 Tuscaloosa, AL (July 2009).

The dates shown in parentheses refer to the initial reception of these stations. Some of these stations have been received multiple times over the years. The most common receptions are from WHBF-4 (multiple decodes in the same Es opening), WMC-5 and WOI-5. WTVF-5 could be received often during summer Es until its status and power were downgraded. It has been received since the downgrade, but much less often than before.

Some of these catches will not be seen again. KHAS-5 left the air completely on June 13, 2014. WCES-DT is now on rfCh6 and has not been relogged on that channel. WCFT-5 is no longer listed in the FCC database.

My furthest DTV logging is KNOP (1455 miles). Next in line are KSNB (1344 miles) and KHAS (1341 miles).  Shortest DTV Es reception is WBRA at 509 miles.

This is being written in April 2017. Soon we will find out what stations are moving their transmitting channels due to repacking. It's possible that as stations move down from UHF to High VHF and from High VHF to LOW VHF, channels 2-6 may fill up with more DTV stations and our opportunities for catching new DX on those channels will increase. Hope so.

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