FM Antennas I have Used (and still use)


I don't think I ever DXed the FM bands seriously with an indoor antenna. Even when I was in my late teens I had an outdoor antenna on my parents' roof. After I got married in California I had a Finco FM-5 (10 elements) on the top of our two story apartment in Anaheim, CA. After moving back to CT I used that antenna once again. After that one died I bought a CM4408 (also known as the Stereo Probe 9). Eventually that one rusted away and was replaced with a second Probe 9, which I still have today and which is still in really good condition.

This antenna was later replaced with an APS-13 from Antenna Performance Specialists (thanks to Ed Hanlon and Neil Kazaross). A few years ago we had a pretty bad ice storm in the winter. The boom of the antenna bowed and the first two directors were bent pretty bad. I repaired it, but then decided that maybe that antenna was a little too long and I took them back off and used the antenna with just 11 elements. It works fine, and that's what I use today (2017).

The Probe 9 continues to be tucked away for safekeeping. If the APS13 ever comes down in a storm or self-destructs, at least I'll have a backup. If the Probe 9 ever dies, then I will be SOL.

The photo on the left shows the antenna as it is today. The center shows the APS13 as it was originally on my roof. The picture on the right shows the Probe 9 when I had it on the roof. There is also a Scantenna (scanner antenna) in that photo. I still have it but I don't use it anymore. Click on any picture for an enlarged version. Thanks for looking.


2017 Mike Bugaj