I've changed things. If you've come here looking for any of my tuner mod info, tuner reviews, D100 info, antenna specs, antenna construction, filter installation, antenna phasing, my Es and Tropo maps or just about anything that you've seen here in the past, you can still find it here. Everything is here, just use this link to get transported back to my original website.

I started Mike's TV and DX Page back in 1999 and all during that time it was hosted by US Computer in Florida. I paid for the hosting for many years until I felt it cost too much and I downgraded to a free plan with the same host. Back in March of 2017 I received an email from someone that led me to believe something strange was going on at My pages were gone and the site was also gone, replaced with generic advertising. After more Google searches I discovered that US Computer seems to have dumped their web hosting. That left me in a bind. Should I call it quits finally or should I try something else.

After looking around for cheap web hosting I found one that offered low cost hosting and a free domain name! So here I am, doing something I swore I'd  never do...have my own domain! So welcome to That sure sounds cool. You'll find new stuff here with links back to all my vintage articles, reviews, antenna construction articles and whatever.  The links are here.

You'll read about my attempts to see analog TV from Europe.  You'll see my successes at watching analog TV from Central and South America.  You'll read my articles about modifying FM tuners with narrow ceramic filters.  You'll hear audio from my double hop FM catches in Mexico (plus double hop Mexican TV from Guadalajara).

I began DXing when I was a teenager. I started with AM radio then moved into FM when I heard my first E skip on a Zenith portable radio my folks got me for Christmas. It was around 1964. So I've been around and I know a few things about the hobby.  I probably know more about it than even I think I know.

For TV DXing I currently use an Insignia NS-DXA1 set top box with a Winegard 2-13 VHF antenna and an Antennas Direct XG-91 for UHF. The whole thing sits on a five-foot tripod about 30' above ground level on the roof.  For FM DXing I have an APS-13 (minus the first two directors) on a tripod on the roof. The receiver is an RSP1 or RSP2 from SDRPlay. I've also used my Elad FDM-S2 for FM DXing.

Over the past couple of years I have become really interested is software-defined radios, commonly called SDRs. I have found them to be currently as good as, or better then (in some respects) high end FM tuners or tuners that have been modified with narrow IF filters. They are great for FM Dxing. Some time ago I was approached by SDRplay to check out one of their first RSPs, which I did. I wrote a review and you can find it here. In 2016 I was also asked by SDRplay to check out their newer RSP2, and again I did and wrote a review on this new product here.

I have a YouTube channel dedicated to TV DX audio. Sometimes I'd rather watch the video than look at pictures. I have video of analog TV DX. There's one popular video there that I took during a skip opening where channels 2-6 were full of skip. A few people have IDed some of the stations seen that video. I have video of double-hop skip to Nicaragua (ch2), Colombia (ch4) as well as others. I have a couple of nightlight stations (stations received by skip after most of the other analog stations on that particular channel had signed off permanently). There is some DTV skip video. There's a video of local WGBY-57 in Springfield signing off in analog for the last time. If you are interested in that kind of thing, the channel is right here.

Since the beginning of the DTV age, I have logged only 12 lowband DTV stations via E skip. A few are no longer in existence, but the rest are. Some of the distances involved are pretty good also. You can see pics of the along with other information on these stations right here.

I have a page devoted to the various TV antennas I've used over the years. It also includes my current setup. I talk about what I like and why. I sure have gone through enough UHF antennas over the years in search of the ultimate. Have I found it? Read the page.

The Spectrum Auction is over! We now know which stations are moving or staying the same or shutting down. We have a table of channel reassignments for Connecticut so for an idea of how this repacking will affect TV DXing here, read this.

I've managed to dig up some photos of the FM yagis I use and have used in the past. You can check them out here.

Es season 2017 (as of June 11). It began very slowly. There were two small openings here at the end of May. June was a little better, beginning with a large opening on the 7th and a tiny one on the 8th. You can see my loggings for for 2017 in the chart below.

Were you an analog TV DXer but quit when everything went digital? Would you now like to get into DTV DXing but don't know how. Maybe I can help.

DTV Tropo catches from 2015 HERE and more HERE.
My closest and furthest DTV Es catches, my best tropo catches HERE.
It was one of my favorite pieces of TV DX equipment, the D100, but I finally sold it.
Yard Sales and dirt cheap DX related equipment. Good stuff CHEAP.


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