2015 DTV tropo

Two stations here: The picture on the left is a WNYW on-channel repeater in Poughkeepsie, NY on ch32 and the other is WNJJ-LD, a low power station in Paterson, NJ both seen on august 18th between 10:00 and 10:30pm.


September 2015 TV DX

Next we have four pictures from September. September 2 brought in W30DM in Manchester, VT (~70 mi.). I consider this a pretty good catch considering all of the hills between my home and Manchester. The "ION" on ch14 (virtual 16) is WGPX in Burlington, NC, heard on September 6th at 8:15am and THIS IS MY MOST DISTANT UHF DTV TROPO LOGGING at about 550 miles! The next two photos are WHRO 16 in Norfolk, Va (400mi) and WWSI 49 in Atlantic City, NJ (200mi). You can count on WHRO to come in at least two or three times every summer.