The Beers of Aldi

Holland 1839

Look familiar? It looks like a Michelob bottle to me. The bottle is green and the label is sorta like a Michelob label. It tastes just like Michelob. I know people who swear that it is Michelob. Although I'm not a prolific Michelob drinker, it sure reminds me of Michelob.  Is it? It doesn't matter,  […]

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Independence Harbor

The first time I tried this brew I didn't like it. The second time I liked it. The third time I really liked it. This is Independence Harbor Amber Ale. What makes this ale different is the honey. Yes, they add honey to it. The honey adds a nice smooth feel to the ale. It's flavorful and it goes  […]

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White Tide

You Mean You Drink Beer From Aldi? Yeah, I like Aldi. Aldi has two things going for it. One is prices and the other is quality. Sure you can go to Shoprite or Wegman's and pay through the nose, but you can buy similar quality items at Aldi and save big bucks. Now since we shop at Aldi, why not just  […]

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