Independence Harbor

The first time I tried this brew I didn't like it. The second time I liked it. The third time I really liked it.

This is Independence Harbor Amber Ale. What makes this ale different is the honey. Yes, they add honey to it. The honey adds a nice smooth feel to the ale. It's flavorful and it goes down smoothly. It's got taste. Buy it once and I can almost guarantee that you'll buy it again. 

Independence Harbor is brewed by the Rock Wall  Brewing Co. in Rochester NY.  I didn't know Rochester had a harbor.  I didn't see any when I was there last. But then, I didn't see any rock walls either. I did see a beach and drove along the lakeshore. It's pretty.

Next time you're at Aldi buying groceries, try this quality ale.  Taste it for yourselves.


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