Before we begin, you should know that the program that we will use...CubicSDR...will work fine with the RSP2 but will NOT support the RSP1.

We will be working with Kevin Laughin's site called Ravings of an Old Techie. If your browser says the page doesn't exist, look at his blog archive for June 2017. It's there.

Kevin also has a YouTube video of this process but the info in his blog is newer and looking at both the blog and video just confused me. If it weren't for Kevin, I would not have the RSP2 working. Also let me say that if you don't get it to work, don't email me. Keep on plugging, like I did for a few months, and perhaps you will. Don't give up.

The first thing you need to do is 1. go to your desktop and make a new folder. Call it sdrplay.

2. Go over to Kevin's blog and start reading. You will see that you'll need to download two scripts. The scripts are really just two text files that can be made executable. Download both and put them in the sdrplay folder on your desktop that you just made.

3. Now go over to the SDRplay download page and download the file Then take that file and put it into the same folder where you put the other two files.

4. Now make all three files executable. Right click on each file. Go to the permissions tab. Tick the box that says something like "make this file an executable file" and click OK. Do this on all three files.

5. Now go into the sdrplay folder and find the script called Double click on it so you can see what's inside. Where ever you see wxWigits-3.1.1 or v3.1.1 or wxWidgits-3.1.1.tar.bz2 change that 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 instead. The two lines you need to look for start with wget and tar. When you finish with that, save the file and leave the folder.

6. Now you install the first script (pt1). You do that through the terminal.Look at Kevin's blog to see how. It's easy and takes a couple of minutes to complete.

7. Now install the RSP2 driver using Kevin's blog as your guide.
Type into terminal: sudo ./

8. Finally, install the second script (pt2). When this finishes, reboot your computer. When your computer finishes booting to your desktop, plug in your RSP2 to a USB port. Check your menu to find CubicSDR (on my laptop I found it under "All Applications"). Click on it. CubicSDR should open up and the RSP should be working.

Here is a graphic of the sdrplay folder when everything is in it.

And finally, here is a screenshot of the RSP2 running on CubicSDR with 8mhz bandwidth. This is on my HP i5 laptop with a four foot piese of wire for an antenna. I can't believe I finally got this thing to work. Good luck!

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