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2019 TV DX

Here's a little DX from down the coast on August 28. This was in the morning between 6:20 and 8:50am.

8/28/19 WCPB-16 Salisbury MD 295mi

8/28/19 WDPN-2 Wilmington DE 218mi

8/28/19 WMDI-47 Salisbury MD 295mi

The best DX from my west happened on Sept. 21st. Here are the best three. Binghamton has always been rare here, maybe once or twice during the analog years due to terrain. I couldn't believe it when WICZ decoded. WSKA was a bonus catch.

WICZ-8 Binghamton, NY

WSKA-25, Ithaca, NY

WACP-4 Atlantic City, NJ

WNYT-12 Albany NY

Since the repack, many of my TV channels are blocked now. I've only seen WACP decode once or twice in the past. This happened on 9/28/19. Sorry, but the flash was on.

2020 TVDX

There's not much since only ch14 to 19 are clear and just a little VHF is open, but here it is:

4/4/20 - WXXA-8 Albany NY

4/5/20 - W38DL-D-35 Adams MA 55

4/13/20 - WLNY-29 Riverhead 78mi

4/18/20 - WXXA-8 Albany

9/3/20 - WPHL-17 Philadelphia

9/3/20 - WBPH-9 Bthlhm PA 172mi

9/3/20 - WJLP-3

9/3/20 - WMBC-18

9/3/20 - WABC-7

The low power station on ch35 was seen for a short time while my local WHCT-LD on 35 was off. It's back on. WJLP is usually a powerhouse along with WPHL and WBPH.


September 7th thru 9th 2020 saw some of the strongest coastal tropo I have seen in years. WAVY, WGNT, WNET, WCPB, WVBT, WMAR, WFFF are all new logs. I was surprised to see anything come through chs 20 and 21. WACP 4 was the strongest I've ever seen it here. I rarely see it and when I do, it pixellates. WTKR-16 (virtual 3)Norfolk was also seen on the 7th but I can't find the picture. It's also new.

WAVY-19 Norfolk VA 400mi

WGNT- 20 Portsmouth VA 407mi

WNET-12 New York City

WVBT-21 Portsmouth VA 407mi

WGME-15 Portland ME 168mi

WCPB-16 Salisbury MD 295mi

WFFF-16 Burlington VT 176mi

WMAR-26 Baltimore MD 280mi

WACP-4 Atlantic City NJ 200mi

WNET-12 New York City

WACP-4 Full Screen 197mi

WACP-4 Full Screen 197mi

Now we move into the evening hours of September 9th when the tropo shifted north (WGME again) and nothwestward into the Albany NY area. Here are six more. WNYA-7, WCWN-22, WOLF-22 and WYOU-12 are new.

WCWN-22 Schenectady NY 88mi

WYOU-12 Scranton PA 164mi

WOLF-22 Hazletom PA 182mi

WNYT-12 Albany NY

WFNY-16 Gloversville NY 121mi

WFNY-16 Gloversville NY 121mi

WKTV-29 Utica NY 155mi

WNYA-7 Pittsfeld MA 88mi

Out of this event, I received ten new stations. I guess there really is life after repack.