Over the years I've done a few filter mods. Now that I'm using SDRs I no longer do them. Please do not ask me about any of these tuners or for any help with the mods as I no longer have ANY of these tuners except one Onkyo T450RDS sitting on a bench that I listen to once in a while.

I'm keeping this page up for the few audiophiles still interested in filter mods. DXers have switched to SDRs.

  1. Onkyo T450RDS
  2. Carver TX11
  3. Denon TU1500 RDS
  4. Harmon Kardon TU920
  5. NAD4300
  6. NAD4155

Build Your Own Channel Master Stereo Probe 9 (CM2032/4408)

For all intents and purposes, you cannot buy a decent outdoor fringe FM antenna in 2022. Yes, there is Innov out there but only a few can afford to buy one and have it shipped to the US. Your other option is to build one. Maybe this article can help.

  • CM 4408 Specs
  • High Band E Skip. Most Likely You've Never Seen Any and Never Will

    High Band E skip was rare. Even back in the analog days only a few DXs were lucky enough to see it. I was lucky to see highband Es back in 2004 and I took pictures. These are so much fun to look at. Our chances of viewing highband DTV skip is now zilch, or close to zilch.

  • Highband E Skip Photos