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2004 Highband Es Photos, CM Stereo Probe 9 Specs and those good 'ole Tuner Filter Mods are back in the red menu above, just click the red square. You can also find my popular I HEARD IT ON AM page with AM radio audio clips from my navy days in Morocco and Iceland back in 1967-1969 when AM Top 40 radio was interesting and fun. 

Feb 4, 2023 According to the stats I get, the filter mods pages are some of the most popular pages on this site. I have no idea why. I thought that stuff went obsolete years ago, but I guess not.  Folks, remember to click on the little red square on the top right of this page. Doing that brings up a menu with a few items that are not shown anywhere else on this site. 

April 20,2023 It's spring, and time for a little spring cleaning here. My Aldi beer posts are gone since nobody looked at them. I don't care. I still like Aldi beer because it tastes good and it's cheap. I've added a Linux Software category where I've posted about a game called Cities:Skyline and SDR++ SDR software. Both support Windows, Linux and Mac.  If you are a Sim City fan you might enjoy reading bout it. If you DX FM radio and want to try a new software packsge for your RSP or your Airspy, SDR++ may interest you.

June 1, 2023  Believe it or not, the skip season only began here in New England on May 31st. April and May were busts.  I've started a new year of FM logs here.

August 5, 2023  What the hell happened to this year's Es season?  Did I blink my eyes and miss it?  I only caught two or three Es events here this summer and 90% of my logs were just relogs. The ONLY skip from this summer that I'll remember was the one Es event on June 24th that originated in the Azores. One station on 87.7; Antenna 3 from Pico de Barossa, Azores at 2485 miles. It was in for 90 minutes, from 9 to 10:30am EDT and thank God they stream because I matched what I heard against their webstream. Five other people heard them the same morning. I was surprised at the signal strength. I was even more surprised because I heard them using the wrong antenna! What I heard them on was my phase antenna, a Channel Master 4408 (Probe 9) which was aimed at New York City the entire time and I didn't know it.  My APS13 was aimed East. Little good that did because it wasn't connected. (And btw, I do know about the sun and sunspots and unusual summer activity this year).

I also bought a radio with the TEF6686 chip in it and that radio alone is worth a page or two on this site and I will get around making one. I can say that the radio is the best portable I've ever owned and if it isn't considered a portable XDR-F1HD, then I don't know what is. The RDS section is even better than the Sony and shows PI codes. When I attach my APS-13 to the antenna connector the thing does not overload.  I'll do a page on this radio and go into more detail.

In the meantime, enjoy the site. Have fun with the Denon filter mods :-)

August 14, 2023 SDRConnect Preview 1 is released for Windows, Linux and Mac. You can find out more about it here.

September 2, 2023 For once I caught something via tropo from the mid-west. CFPL 95.9 in London, ON was heard about 10:30am. I haven't heard them in a decade, at least. FM 96, a bunch of local ads with URLs ending in .ca and music. CFCA 105.3 should have been there, but wasn't. Is the FM band congested, or what?

Oh, and lately Shop Rite has been selling Blue Moon for $8.99 a six pack. I paid $12 last time I bought some. I may change grocery stores (Aldi, of course, has the best food prices around and ours just brought back White Tide, which is one of my favorites and similar to Blue Moon.)




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