The RSP Duo

rsp2.png, Mar 2022

I changed SDRs in March 2020, after the urging of two of my friends. I'm now the owner of an RSPDuo from SDRPlay. This radio has been out for around four years now but I just got around to buying one. The thing that makes this SDR different is that it has two tuners, and you can phase one against  […]

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Airspy HF Discovery

AirspyDX.jpg, Mar 2022

Back in December 2021 I came across a Black Friday sale at Airspy. I saw the HF Discovery on sale for $125 so I bought one. I don't regret the decision. It's a small SDR but slightly larger than the Airspy Mini. You can use the 9 volt battery for comparison. The SDR does not overload even when I  […]

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