Why I Left Windows for Linux

Are you really getting tired of Windows 10? Are the constant updates driving you crazy? Are you annoyed that MS is taking all of your personal data and selling it whoever wants it? If you are, I don't blame you.

I started out with Linux by accident. I had an old 2 core desktop that I advertised on FB but nobody wanted it and I was a day from bringing it to the local recycling station when I read a FB page done by a computer teckkie who wrote about giving your old computer a new lease on life by installing linux and Mint in particular. That caught my curiosity and I looked into Mint, downloaded the .iso file, burned that to a DVD and installed it. The rest is history.

It's now 2022, five years later, and dumping Windows is one of the best moves I've ever made. Over the past five years I've checked out a dozen or two distros (varieties of linux). I've tried Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Lubuntu and all those), Manjaro, Linux Lite, Mint XFCE, Mint LMDE, Zorin XFCE and Ubuntu Budgie. My favorite distros are Linux Mint, Zorin XFCE and Ubuntu Budgie. Out of those three, Mint comes out on top. I have Ubuntu Budgie on an old Dell Core 2 Duo laptop and it works just fine, even though the laptop is pre-2010 and has just 4GB of ram. . One Dell i5 desktop runs just Mint. Another Dell i7 desktop dual boots both Mint and Windows 10 on two separate drives, one SDD and one HDD. A Dell Optiplex 780 runs Ubuntu but with the Budgie desktop and alsu dual boots with Windows on a single hard drive. An HP i5 laptop runs Mint only. 


That's a good question because what I want may not be what you want. What I want from linux is an operating system that doesn't force updates on me. I want to be able to do them myself whenever I want to do them. I don't want updates that take an hour or more to complete. I never want to see the operating system update when I turn on the computer or when I turn it off. I want an OS that's responsive, not sluggish or slow, taking it forever to load a stupid program. I never want to see those dreaded words "DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER!" I want an OS that looks and acts like Windows out of the box. I don't want to have to find and change a bunch of settings to make it that way before I use the system. I want one that is easy to learn, stable and lets me do most (or all, ideally) of the work I was doing with Windows 10. And I want it to be customizable. For me, Mint comes with the Cinnamon desktop) does all that and more. It's perfect for me.

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