SDRConnect Preview Version Released August 10th

We waited many months for this, especially us linux users.


Well, here it is...finally. We had hoped that this software would be released back in February '23 but that was not to be the case. We waited patiently and on August 10th we were rewarded with this preview release of the new SDRConnect.

Now, the thing to remember is that this is Preview Version 1. It works on Windows, Mac and, most importantly to me, Linux. Right now I have it running on Linux Mint 21.2. This is the basic SDRConnect without any frills. At the moment there is no RDS but I expect that to change shortly. Diversity mode does work as well as it does on SDRUno. You can record audio files (no baseband recording quite yet) but you have no easy way to play them back. The audio files are stored at opt/sdrconnect, in case you looked for them but couldln't find them 

A few hams are disappointed that the software didn't arrive fully loaded and configured for them. If they could read, they'd notice that this is the PREVIEW version of the software, but of course, you wouldn't know unless you had the ability to read and wanted to read. Comprehension plays a big part in all of this also. I doubt some people don't have that ability. I'm being nice. 

So just get me RDS on this SDR and I'll be waiting patiently.

By the way, I was expecting linux installation to be done by double clicking on a .deb file. It's not. They use .run files instead. Now I have almost zero experience on using .run files so I checked out my friendly search engine to find out how to do it. Really, it isn't hard. 

You Windows guys just double click on your .exe file and away you go!

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