The RSP Duo

rsp2.png, Mar 2022


I changed SDRs in March 2020, after the urging of two of my friends. I'm now the owner of an RSPDuo from SDRPlay. This radio has been out for around four years now but I just got around to buying one. The thing that makes this SDR different is that it has two tuners, and you can phase one against the other to null (phase) out your local and semi-local stations. It just works great in nuking HD sidebands and it's also easier to create a null than a Bolin Phase Box or anything else. I've already used it during skip openings to hear skip through my local HD sidebands. It works very well. I've already gone through an RSP-1, an RSP-2, an Airspy Mini and an Elad FDM-S2. I keep the RSP-2 for a spare and use the Elad strictly for medium wave (AM) DXing in the winter. I keep the Airspy for DXing with the laptop, which has Linux on it and not Windows. I sold the RSP-1. How many SDRs do I need, anyway?

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