Backyard Antennas

aps13.jpg, Mar 2022

This is what I use for an FM antenna. It's a ten element yagi, and probably one of its kind. It started out as an APS-13, made by Antenna Performance Specialists somewhere in the 80s. It had thirteen elements and it was a monster. It stayed on my roof for years until, one winter, an ice storm bent the mast and did a number on the first two directors. I was able to straighten the mast but I ended up removing the two bent directors. The result was an eleven element yagi and I wondered how it would work. Surprisingly enogh, it did quite well. Earlier this year we put a new roof on the house and the antennas came off. Instead of drilling holes for a new tripod, I put the tripod and the yagi in the back yard at about 20 feet above ground. The tripod is bolted into 2x4s and held down by cinder blocks and patio blocks. I'm able to lower and raise it to work on it and don't have to worry about falling off a roof. With a new balun and coax, the antenna works like it's brand new. I have to thank my man Ed Hanlon for designing this great DX antenna.

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