Cities:Skylines for Linux

A great, addictive game for Linux, Windows or Mac that helps you pass the time when there's nothing going on in your life.



I'm not much of a game player. Not at all.  But there is one game that I'm addicted to and that game was and is Sim City 4 - Rush hour. 

I've always been interested in cities and their layouts. I should have been an architect. When I was a kid, I would build them on paper. I'd have parks, freeways, ports, name it.  Many years ago I picked up a Windows DVD of Sim City 4 at the local Target. I built my region up to 1,200,000 happy people before Windows crashed and I had no backup. No backup!! What was I thinking...or not thinking.

So, I began again. This time it's a slightly different city and it's up to just over a million inhabitants in my "region".  But in the meantime, something happened. That "something" turned out to be a newer game called Cities:Skylines.

Having been using almost exclusively Linux for the past six years, I discovered Cities:Skyline, an updated version of the old Sim City for Windows. This time, though, it's a cross platform game good for Windows, Mac AND linux. I paid $40 for the download and I don't regret it.

The developers of this game should be applauded. It's a little like Sim City 4 but then, it's not. Some functions are done differently. I'm spending time on various sites finding help to make my city grow. As of this writing, my city's population is up to just over 30,000 people. I'm getting the hang of building overpasses and bridges, keeping water pollution to accepted levels, having enough cemeteries, supplying new areas of town with water and sewage pipes, placing industrial parks in the correct places,  and keeping residential areas away from areas of ground pollution.  And it's more complicated and more expandable with all kinds of mods you can get.

I've always wanted to build cities. Thanks to Sim City and now Cities:Skylines, I have my chance.  And I don't have to put up with Windows, I can do it on Linux!

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