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Hello and welcome! If this format seems like something you've seen before, then yes, you may have. This is the format I was using until 2015 when I retired the website and changed to a simpler format as I learned some CSS. But recently I decided to bring it back since it does look good, so here it is.

For those who like building their own antennas for whatever reasons, the antenna specs are here in the left menu. The filter mods are probably obsolete since almost nobody does them anymore (SDRs make mods unnecessary). The Sony PI mods are probably unneeded at this time. Since analog TV is 99% obsolete, I have already deleted the analog material that once was on these pages. At this point in time, analog TV discussion is pretty much moot, at least in most of the US.

PLEASE...I no longer have any of the tuners listed on the left except for the Onkyo, so if you have any questions about them please DO NOT ASK ME. I can't answer them. Also please don't ask me for antenna specs for any antenna that is NOT on this site. Use K6STI's site if you need more help. Remember, these antennas are up to 40 years old. I cannot find one laying around and measure it for you.

At the moment there's quite a bit I have to add and delete. Bear with me as I clean up the mess.


Here's a chart showing how the ch2-36 repack affects me. UHF will be almost full. Open channels are 14-19, 25 and 27. Is TV DXing worth it? Or should I just settle for looking for skip catches on lowband VHF in the summer? Would hours of lowband DXing be worth 5 seconds or less of DTV video? And what about analog TV from Central/South America). Last year (2018) I just had one lousy opening to Nicaragua on ch2. Maybe I should get out of the house more in the summer :-)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you found something worthwhile here.

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